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Hatch and Judy have been involved with search and rescue (SAR) for thirty years.     Among the founders of Dogs Organized for Ground Search (D.O.G.S.) in Alaska in 1975, they have been on the cutting edge of SAR dog organization, experimentation, development and promotion ever since. They helped pioneer the use of dogs in underwater recovery in the Virginia Search and Rescue Dog Association in 1979. They were founders of DOGS-East and in California they have been members of Wilderness Finders- WOOF and now CARDA, California Rescue Dog Association. In CARDA, Hatch was the first Vice President and Chief of Operations. Judy and Hatch have both subsequently served on the Board of Directors and on various operations committees.

        They are Life members of the National Association for Search and Rescue, NASAR. Judy established and was first editor of SAR Dog Alert for 11 years, 1982-1992. Hatch headed NASAR's SAR Dog Committee from 1985 to 90. Judy was named an Honorary Angel of the High Lonesome in 1983 and both have received NASAR's Service Award. Hatch helped edit and update NASAR's Managing the Lost Person Incident in 1994.

        Judy and Hatch were on the Advance Team to the Mexico City Earthquake in 1985 and have had dogs trained in all aspects of SAR work at one time or another.

        The two have been invited to lecture and train in search management and the use of dogs at NASAR conferences and other working dog seminars in Missouri, Texas, New York, Nevada, Wisconsin, Utah, Washington State, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Florida, Arizona, Mexico City, Maine, as well as California.

         Besides Judy's editorships, both have written extensively on the use of SAR dogs. For several years they were jointly the SAR Dog Staff Writers for Dog Sports Magazine.


Here are some of their articles grouped under topics:

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       77 Facts About Search Dogs


        Search for Eli -- Hug-A-Tree Bears Fruit


        Constructing a Footprint


       There & Back Again  


        The Thinking Dog


        A Day in the Search Log


        Past Pavlov & Skinner


        Picking a Puppy for SAR






       Training & the Real Thing


        The Refind: When You're Blind In the Dark


        Some Observations on Weather Conditions and Airscenting Problems


       Search Dog Strategy: What's the Plan?




       Avalanche Dogs: Improving the Odds


       Maybe They Should be Buried for a Dog


Building Search


       Building Search: A Victim's Eye View





       SAR Dogs at the 'Death Ranch'




       Search and Rescue Dogs Are Ready to Respond to Disaster


       SAR "Quake" Dogs


        Survivors Under the Rubble


       Under the Hanging Ceiling


        The U.S. Team in Puerto Rico


        Here's the Real Poop


        After the Flood: The Shadyside, Ohio, Disaster


        The Great San Bernardino Train Wreck


        Looking for Remains in the Oakland Firestorm


        After the Building Fell Down


Handler Skills


       Training a Search Dog


       Ready or Not


       Slinging Your Dog


       Some Basic Search Patterns 


       Watch Your Dog



Search Management


       Managing the Search Function -- the Key to Successful Search Operations


        Map Problems


         Probability of Detection of Search Dogs or How Long is My Shadow?


       Help From Your SAR Dog Unit


       A Process of Elimination


        Once Upon a Time in Metropolis


Scent Transport


       Convectional Turbulence and the Airscenting Dog


       Scent Transport and Diffusion


        Weather Textbook for SAR Dog Handlers               Search Gear  




       The Scent Article ("You wouldn't believe...")   


Water Search


       Taking Back From the River


        Training for Water Search


        Underwater Searches Using Dogs


        Water Search: Reading Your Dog To the Depths




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