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Major Prissy Sardy Pepper

Kuskokwim's Alpha Ursa Major, CD. 1974-1983. Missions with DOGS, VSRDA, DOGS-East, Airscenting, Avalanche, Water. Handler: Hatch


Walmar's Caprice v Kuskokwim, CD. 1974-1981. Missions with VSRDA, DOGS-East, Airscenting, Water. Handler: Judy


Kuskokwim Firebird, CD. 1978-1988. Missions with VSRDA, DOGS-East, WOOF, CARDA. Airscenting, Water, Cadaver, Disaster. Handler: Judy (Hatch)


Kuskokwim Jalapena,TD. 1980- 1993. Missions with WOOF, CARDA, Airscenting, Trailing, Avalanche, Water, Cadaver, Disaster. Handler: Hatch. Daughter of Prissy &
Major's brother, Alert.


Roxy Pattycake Taco Cody

Kuskokwim Odyssey. 1983-1995. Missions with CARDA, Airscenting, Cadaver, Water. Handlers: Judy & Hatch. Daughter of Sardy & Linnloch's Silent Night.


International Shepherd. 1986-1996. Missions with CARDA, Trailing, Water. Handler: Hatch. Daughter of Pepper and a traveling salesman.


Kuskokwim Taco von Flohr. 1990-2002. Missions with CARDA, Airscenting, Water, Trailing. Handler: Judy & Hatch. From a line of SchutzHund dogs. Sire of successful search dogs.


Kuskokwim Cody vom Steinhoff, CD. 1996–2008. Missions with CARDA, Airscenting, Trailing. Handler: Judy. Daughter of a Police Service K9. Dam with Taco of a successful line of search dogs.


Piper Cowboy Search Dog Information

Kuskokwim Peter Piper Pepper, CD. 1998–. Missions with CARDA, Trailing. Handler: Hatch. Taco-Cody daughter. Sister of Cowboy's dam.


Kuskokwim Ragtime Cowboy Joe. 2003–. In training with CARDA, Trailing. Handler: Hatch. Son of Police Service K9, Nephew of Piper, grandson of Taco-Cody.



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